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You want to create vast alien forests? Are you missing unusual plants on your planet? Then my sixth package from the "Alien Environment" series is just right for you!

With this  package, you can plant especially vast forests on alien planets. But small jungles are also possible with this objects. Change the colors of the plants and create your very own world!


This package supports  Unity 2020.3 and newer! For any other engine this package contains the fbx. files so you can freely choose your engine!

If you need this package in another format, please don't hesitate to contact me!



All materials come with colors, so you can color the objects to your liking and create your very own worlds!


Gras_01 with 5 variations: between 768 and 1208 tris
Gras_02 with 5 variations: between 880 and 1320 tris
Gras_03 with 8 variations: between 336 and 574 tris
Gras_04 with 5 variations: between 252 and 672 tris

Plant_13 with 9 variations: between 1260 and 1494 tris
Plant_14 with 6 variations: between 635 and 779 tris

Stone_18 with 12 variations: between 48 and 84 tris

Tree_12 with 3 variations: between 7674 and 7770 tris
Tree_13 with 6 variations: between 712 and 1242 tris
Tree_14 with 4 variations: between 2074 and 3298 tirs
Tree_15 with 8 variations: between 448 and 1750 tris
Tree_16 with 4 variations: between 2238 and 2672 tris
Tree_17 with 8 variations: between 1284 and 1960 tris
Tree_18 with 6 variations: between 878 and 1458 tris
Tree_19 with 6 variations: between 974 and 1176 tris
Tree_20 with 4 variations: between 3252 and 3910 tris

This package contains prefabs of all objects, all objects except the grasses have a mesh collider.

The package also contains 53 different and lightweight materials for the objects, 5 of them with a glowing effect.


Do you prefer a custom style for your own game? You have suggestions or ideas for a package? Or do you have a general question?

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Buy Now$8.99 USD or more

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