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Always wanted to create your own little lowpoly alien world? Whith this package of selected objects you can create your very own world. This is the first environment pack on a small series that will expand over time!

Wether you want to create a survival game, a shooter or any other genre, let your imaginations come true!


This package supports  Unity 2020.3 and newer! For any other engine this package contains the fbx. files so you can freely choose your engine!

If you need this package in another format, please don't hesitate to contact me!



All materials come with colors, so you can color the objects to your liking and create your very own worlds! Objects:

Ground Tiles:

3 Different Materials: Ground_Stone_01, Ground_Gras_01, Ground_Sand_0 Ground_01: 112 Tris
Ground_02: 72 Tris
Ground_03: 200 Tris
Ground_04: 280 Tris
Ground_05: 392 Tris
Ground_06: 200 Tris
Ground_side_01: 200 Tris
Ground_side_02: 392 Tris
Ground_side_03: 200 Tris

Mushroom_01 with 5 different variations: 184 Tris
Plant_01 with 5 different variations: 382 Tris
Plant_01_Var_0X as different variations without fruits: 256 Tris
Plant_02 with 3 different variations: 2x 976 Tris, 1x 928 Tris
Plant_03 with 3 different variations: 1000 Tris, 1250 Tris, 912 Tris
Plant_04 with 5 different variations: 500 Tris
Tree_01 with 3 different variations:  952 Tris, 1144 Tris, 1094 Tris
Tree_02 with 3 different variations: 1164 Tris

Stone_01: 434 Tris
Stone_02 with 4 different variations: 3x 64 tris, 48 Tris

This package contains prefabs of all objects, partly provided with a mesh collider. The package also contains 27 different and lightweight materials for the objects.


You want your own look for your game? You have suggestions or ideas for a package? Or do you have a general question?

Then contact me with pleasure: ronja@fantasyhavenassets.com

or visit my website: https://fantasyhavenassets.com/


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Fantasy-Haven-Assets_LOW-POLY-Alien-Environment-01.zip 2 MB

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