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This is my fifth set from the series "LOW POLY - Alien Environment"! You wish to give more luminosity to the planes of your world or that  your caves were equipped with beautiful and unique glowing stones? Then this package is just right for you!

This package fits perfectly for all 3D game genres! Whether a role-playing game or a simulation! With the large, flat stones you can create beautiful caves and decorate with the glowing stones very easy! Also planes can be made to glow with this set!

The color of the materials can be easily changed and adapted to your game! Create your very own world!


This package supports  Unity 2020.3 and newer! For any other engine this package contains the fbx. files so you can freely choose your engine!

If you need this package in another format, please don't hesitate to contact me!



All materials come with colors, so you can color the objects to your liking and create your very own worlds!


Stone_05 with 7 variations: between 318 to 694 tris.
Stone_06 with 5 variations: between 202 to 306 tris.
Stone_07 with 21 variations: between 20 to 608 tris.
Stone_08 with 11 variations: between 114 to 168 tris.
Stone_09 with 9 variations: between 66 to 300 tris.
Stone_10 with 6 variations: between 246 to 338 tris.
Stone_11 with 8 variations: between 118 to 130 tris.
Stone_12 with 9 variations: between 388 to 876 tris.
Stone_13 with 10 variations: between 146 to 352 tris.
Stone_14 with 8 variations: between 12 to 100 tris.
Stone_15 with 16 variations: between 327 to 447 tris.
Stone_16 with 12 variations: between 48 to 84 tris.
Stone_17 with 15 variations: between 48 to 84 tris.

This package contains prefabs of all objects, each of them with a mesh collider.

The package also contains 28 different and lightweight materials for the objects, 11 of them with a glowing effect.


Do you prefer a custom style for your own game? You have suggestions or ideas for a package? Or do you have a general question?

Visit my website to check out more of my work: https://fantasyhavenassets.com/


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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