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This small selection of environmental objects fits any low poly alien world, making it more vivid and colorful!


This small package is a little taster offer for those who are interested in my packages from the series "LOW POLY - Alien Environment" 01 and 02. These two objects were created and selected with much love!


This package supports  Unity 2020.3 and newer! 

For any other engine this package contains the fbx. files so you can freely choose your engine!

If you need this package in another format, please don't hesitate to contact me!


Technical Details:

All materials come with colors, so you can color the objects to your liking and create your very own worlds!

This small taster package includes the following objects:

Plant_03_Var_02: 1250 Tris
Tree_07_Var_04: 1406 Tris


You want your own look for your game? You have suggestions or ideas for a package? Or do you have a general question?

Then contact me with pleasure: ronja@fantasyhavenassets.com

or visit my website: https://fantasyhavenassets.com/


Fantasy Haven Assets - LOW POLY Alien Environment - FREE 01.zip 229 kB

Install instructions


Thank you for choosing this little free package from Fantasy Haven Assets. It is really easy to use:

First you have to unzip the .zip files to your preferred location. After that you have two options to continue:

1. if you are working with Unity3D 2020 or newer you can easily import this package into your project. Just go to Unity and select "Assets" -> "Import Package" -> "Custom Package" from the menu bar. Then you just have to select the correct path to this package and it is already in your project!

To use the objects you just have to go to the "_Prefabs" folder and you are ready to go!

2. if you prefer the .fbx files you only have to drag them into your project. The materials are already included in the file.

If you need this or other packages in a different format, don't hesitate to contact me and visit me on my homepage www.fantasyhavenassets.com!

or write me an email at: ronja@fantasyhavenassets.com

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