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With this package you can create wonderful dungeons in a short time! Whether as a confusing maze or with a clear line as the interior of a castle!

Let your player wander through the corridors in third person view or command hordes of creatures!


This package supports  Unity 2020.3 and newer! For any other engine this package contains the fbx. files so you can freely choose your engine!

If you need this package in another format, please don't hesitate to contact me!



This package includes one texture and one material! This will make it easier to handle!

Banner-01 with 346 Tris
Banner-02 with 440 Tris
Barrel-01 with 1061 Tris
BigVase-01-Broken-01 with 348 Tris
BigVase-01-Frament with 3 variations: 64 Tris, 44 Tris, 56 Tris
BigVase-01 with 450 Tris
Bone-01 with 352 Tris
Bone-02 with 2500 Tris
Bone-03 with 426 Tris
Book-0 with 404 Tris
Book-02 with 404 Tris
Bowl-01 with 148 Tris
Box-01 with 464 Tris
Candle-01 with 124 Tris
Candle-02 with 156 Tris
Candle-03 with 124 Tris
Carpet-01 with 560 Tris
Carpet-02 with 204 Tris
Ceiling-01 with 472 Tris
Chair-01 with 1048 Tris
Chest-01 with 830 Tris
Dagger-01 with 124 Tris
Dagger-Holder-01 with 322 Tris
Debris-01 with 46 Tris
Debris-02 with 38 Tris
Door-01 with 1448 Tris
Doorframe-01 with 3490 Tris
Flacon-01 with 174 Tris
Flacon-02 with 174 Tris
Flacon-03 with 82 Tris
Ground-01 with 684 Tris
Ground-02 with 301 Tris
JewelCase-01 with 389 Tris
Pillar-01 with 503 Tris
Pillar-01-Half-01 with 236 Tris
Pillar-01-Half-02 with 240 Tris
Pillar-01-Quater-01 with 186 Tris
Pillar-01-Quater-02 with 184 Tris
Pillar-01-Threequaters-01 with 348 Tris
PillarRound-01 with 204 Tris
PillarRound-01-Half-01 with 154 Tris
PillarRound-01-Quater-01 with 102 Tris
ShelfBoard-01 with 536 Tris
Torch-01 with 320 Tris
Vase-01 with 336 Tris
Vase-02 with 320 Tris
Wall-01 with 2580 Tris
Wall-01-Broken-01 with 1780 Tris
Wall-01-broken-02 with 1160 Tris
WallConer-01 with 596 Tris
Wallshelf-01 with 3480 Tris
WoodTable-01 with 1101 Tris


You want your own look for your game? You have suggestions or ideas for a package? Or do you have a general question?

Then contact me with pleasure: ronja@fantasyhavenassets.com

or visit my website: https://fantasyhavenassets.com/

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AuthorFantasy Haven Assets
Tags3D, assat, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, fantasy-haven, FBX, Low-poly, Unity, wall


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